rwthCTF 2012 is over! We had a great time organizing this years edition, and we hope you had just as much fun participating.

Information & files

rwthCTF 2012 - infos

rwthCTF 2012 - files

rwthCTF 2011 - Cyberwar the Flag

rwthCTF 2012 video

rwthCTF 2012 from 0ldEur0pe on Vimeo.

rwthCTF 2012 from our perspective
Camera: Johannes Gilger
Video cut: Florian Weingarten & Johannes Gilger


Thanks to generous donations by our sponsors, we were able to offer €800 in cash for the winning teams this year.

The UMIC Research Centre is a research cluster at RWTH Aachen University. It was established and funded as part of the German federal excellence initiative. RedTeam Pentesting offers individual penetration tests, performed by a team of specialised IT security experts.

RedTeam Pentesting is looking for new team members!


Preparing the orga headquarter :-)

Phillip nuclear-protection-suiting up.

Vulnbox decryption key. Let the game begin!

Some people of the orga team before the game.

Fancy real-time visualization of the CTF game state.

Who says hackers don't have style? :-)
Martin Lang (Garwin), author of rpg service and registration-guy.

Left: Gereon Kremer (nafur), author of rpg service.
Right: More monitoring. Funny story: The average latency of the network went down during the game.

Monitoring the shit out of everything!

Load balancing ftw ;-)

Big brother monitoring system, capturing everything.

VPN server, gameserver, checkscript slaves.



Left: Florian Weingarten (effweh), author of gameserver core and erno service.
Right: Florian (More), author of rainbow service and vulnbox-guy.

Left: Mark Schloesser (rep), author of gameserver db backend and ezpz service.
Right: Carl-Benedikt Krüger (reapingHooK), author of zork service.

Left: Phillip Keldenich, author of rfs service.
Right: Cornelius Aschermann (coco), author of azurecoast service.

Johannes Gilger (jojo-), author of scoreboard, monitoring and photos.

"Would you like to know more?"

Alexander Neumann (fd0), author of tattle service and firewall- and vpn-guy.

60 vpn clients connected, 5 MByte/s traffic minimum all the time, VPN server idling (upper left).

Left: Nice combo :-)
Right: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Meyer, head of the research group.

Photo credits:

  • Canon EOS 60D: Johannes 'Jojo' Gilger
  • Nikon D7000: Alexander 'fd0' Neumann


Research Group IT-Security
RWTH Aachen University
Aachen, Germany

IRC: #rwthCTF@freenode
Twitter: @0ldEur0pe